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Import business
Bangkok Food System

History of import business

"Thai consumers can enjoy high-quality Japanese fruits and Japanese products at an affordable price"

This is the resolution that has led us to start a domestic business of importing vegetables, fruits, sweet potatoes and products from Japan in collaboration with our parent company in Japan “Allied Corporation”  which is staffed with experts in fruits and vegetables exports who deal with farmers directly without going through middlemen. This has given us efficient control over the quality of products from the source in Japan right up to when they are delivered to Thailand. Moreover, these products are also guaranteed by “Japan Fruit and Vegetables Export Promotion Council (J-FEC)”.


Started Import Business


Launched Japan Food & Travel Ambassador in Asia facebook page and Japanoishitanoshinet website


Collaborated with DONKI (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


Our products

Japanese Fruits

We have selected the best quality fruits from well-known cultivation areas in Japan for Thai consumers. Tasty Japanese fruits can be imported all year round.
















Japanese seasonal fruits

Japanese sweet potato

We import Japanese sweet potatoes from Kagoshima Prefecture, considered the leading sweet potato production source in Japan that uses organic cultivation and curing methods that allow for continuous production of high-quality sweet potatoes throughout the year.

Japanese sweet potatoes are unique in their sweet and juicy. It has a smooth and soft texture. If anyone eat it, we guarantee that will like it which we distribute under the brand “OIMO”.

Beni haruka

Silk sweet

Satsuma kintoki

Japanese vegetables

We have a selection of Japanese vegetables that are “Fresh” and “High-quality” from cultivation areas in Japan that are available at all times. Additionally, we also use CA container technology to help transport vegetables from Japan to Thailand to ensure that always stay fresh as if it has just been gathered from the farm as well as extend the life of vegetables.

Other products

In addition, we also import processed products made from sweet potatoes and Japanese fruits such as fruit juice, fruit jelly and sweet potato snacks which allowing consumers to taste another form of deliciousness that still retains the original taste of sweet potatoes and Japanese fruits.

Apple juice

Peach juice

Sweet potato snacks

Fruit jelly