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Terms of Use

When using the website of Bangkok Food System Limited :

Before using the website of Bangkok Food System Limited (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), the Company requests that you read and accept the terms of use as follows. If you do not agree to these terms of use, please refrain from using our website. Accessing and using the website will be deemed as your acceptance of the terms of use outlined below. There may be additional terms on other pages of the website, and it is recommended that you read and agree to them before using the website.

  1. Regarding Copyright :

The content on this website, including but not limited to information, graphics, logos, buttons, icons, and images, is copyrighted by the Company or its content providers, exclusively as the authorized entity. The utilization of this website is restricted within the limits permitted by copyright laws, such as for personal use. Kindly refrain from using the content or other main pages for printed media. Moreover, please be aware that forwarding images or videos of celebrities or individuals is unauthorized.


  1. Trademark Information :

The trademarks (trademarks and service marks) appearing on this website are the copyrighted property of the Company or the rights holder who has granted the Company the right to use the trademarks. Please refrain from using the trademarks without permission from the rights holder.


  1. Temporary Suspension of Website Homepage :

If the Company deems it necessary to temporarily suspend the use of the website due to server maintenance or other technical issues, or in the event of a fire, power outage, earthquake, or other natural disasters, or for technical or operational reasons, the Company may take action without prior notice. The Company will not be held responsible for any damages that may occur as a result of the suspension of the website.


  1. Changes of the homepage and Suspension of homepage Usage :

The Company may alter the content of the website, change the addresses (URLs) of individual pages, or suspend website services without prior notice.


  1. Disclaimer :

While the Company diligently manages the content on the website, it is possible that the information posted may contain technical inaccuracies, spelling errors, or inaccuracies in the sequence of events. The Company does not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, sequence of events, benefits, or suitability for specific purposes of the information, programs, and services provided on the website and other Company websites. Furthermore, the Company is not liable for any damages arising from software or hardware issues, problems among users or between users and third parties, or any other issues resulting from the use of the website.


  1. Personal Data Management

For details on how Bangkok Foods System manages customer personal data, please refer to the company’s Privacy Policy.


  1. Linked Websites

In general, there are no restrictions on linking to the company’s website. Please note that the address of each page on the website may change. However, the company rejects links from websites that provide misleading or harmful information, or websites that violate peace and morality. The content of third parties linked to or from the company’s website (referred to as “linked websites”) is managed, and the responsibility lies with those linked websites. When using such linked websites, please comply with their terms of use and other regulations. The company is not responsible for the content of other linked websites or any damages that may arise from using such linked websites.


  1. Email

The company may respond to customer inquiries received via email by directly sending emails back to each customer. The company may also respond to inquiries by making return phone calls or sending letters to customers. The conditions for responding to inquiries depend on the content of the questions, and there may be cases where the company cannot answer certain questions. When contacting the company via email, please provide your correct email address. If the provided email address is incorrect, the company may not be able to respond to your inquiries. The company holds the copyright to the content of email responses, and copying the content without permission from the company is strictly prohibited.


  1. Customer Concepts and Opinions

The company values customer feedback and suggestions regarding its products and services. However, as a general principle, the company cannot provide monetary compensation for customer feedback.


  1. Changes to Terms of Use

Please be aware that the company may make changes to the terms of use as necessary. Therefore, the company advises customers to regularly review the terms of use.


  1. Applicable Law

The terms of use of this website are subject to enforcement and interpretation under Thai law. In case of disputes, the jurisdiction of the Thai courts shall apply.