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Store Policy

  1. Privacy Policy

To comply with the legal provisions regarding the protection of personal information, Bangkok Food System Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) has implemented measures to safeguard customers’ personal information. Specific campaigns or services may have different privacy policies.

Therefore, please read the terms accordingly.

1.1 Collection of Personal Data

  Personal data or personal information refers to any information related to a specific person that can be identified. This definition excludes data from which personal identifiers have been removed (anonymous).

For example, the personal information we may collect includes the information you provide to us. You may provide us with information about yourself by filling out our forms on our website or by responding via phone, email, or online channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Line, or others.

  This includes your information provided during the registration for our website, participation in contests, promotions, or searches. When you report an issue with our website or any services available on our website, you may be required to provide necessary information. The information you provide to us may include your name, address, email, and phone number. During each visit to the website, we may automatically collect various information such as :

  Technical information, which may include the protocol (IP address) used to connect your computer to the Internet, your login information, browser type and version, time zone settings, types of plugins and browser versions, operating system and platform, and information about your visits.

  Including the identification of file or website addresses (URLs) on the Internet, website visits through or from our website (including dates and times), products you view or search for (such as scrolling, clicking, and mouse hovering), and the methods used to access from web pages and any phone numbers used to call our customer service hotline.

  Bangkok Food System uses Google Analytics to enhance services, improve user experiences, and analyze the usage of the Bangkok Food System website. The purpose of website analysis is to utilize the gathered data to track the effectiveness of the website. Information collected from Analytics will not be used to create advertising profiles or for any other commercial purposes.

If you are unable to provide personal information

  When it is necessary for legal compliance or under the terms of the contract we have with you, and you are unable to provide the required personal information, we may not be able to enter into a contract with you (for example, provide services to you). In this case, we may need to cancel all contractual obligations with you, but we will inform you if such a situation arises.

How is your personal information stored?

  We collect and process various types of personal data obtained from customers (potential and current customer) either directly or from our website, within the context of contractual relationships. We may collect and process personal data as required by law not only from customers but also from third parties, such as government agencies or companies that have referred customers to us.

Purposes of Collecting Personal Information

  The company will collect, use, or disclose your personal information for the purpose of managing its operations, ensuring appropriate, efficient, and legal business dealings with you, or for other lawful interests of the company’s group. You have the freedom to decide whether to provide your personal information. However, if you choose not to provide your personal information, you may not be entitled to certain benefits, such as participating in various sales promotion activities organized by the company.

  The company would like to inform you of the purposes for collecting, using, or disclosing your personal information, as follows: 

  • To verify your identity.
  • To present and develop products, goods, and services.
  • To contact you, inquire about satisfaction, or respond to questions regarding products, goods, and services.
  • To serve as a channel for communication, advertising, and public relations.
  • To comply with laws and regulations related to the protection of personal data.


1.2 Personal Data Management

The company will manage customer’s personal data appropriately and diligently to prevent unauthorized disclosure. Additionally, the company has measures in place to maintain data appropriately and securely to prevent loss, destruction, and unauthorized access. In cases where the company needs to use external personnel, it will conduct and provide guidance to ensure that such external individuals handle customer data appropriately. This is to ensure that customer data is transmitted securely and in compliance with contracts or other suitable methods.

1.3 Use of Personal Data

The company will use the collected customer data for the following purposes:

  • To notify customers through online channels, sales letters, and various campaigns.
  • To gather entries for campaigns, events, surveys, and to deliver rewards and incentives to participants.
  • To send magazines.
  • To seek customer feedback for improving the company’s products and services.
  • To provide customers with accurate information about special services and new products.
  • To respond to customer inquiries.

The company will handle customer data appropriately when it is used and collected to protect the rights of customers. Additionally, the company will not use customer data for purposes other than those specified above without the customer’s consent (except in cases where the customer provides prior consent or as required by law).

1.4 Personal Data Sharing

To meet customer needs, the company may share customer data within the necessary scope with affiliated companies. The company will be responsible for managing such personal data in this case

1.5 Data Acquisition, Disclosure, Correction, and Suspension of Personal Data Usage

The company has a policy against sharing personal data with third parties except in the following cases:

  • When customers have given consent to disclose or share their personal information.
  • When the company receives legal inquiries from government agencies, such as courts or the police.
  • When customer actions on the company’s website may cause harm to the company’s property or services, and it is deemed necessary to take action to protect.
  • When urgent use of data is necessary to protect human life or property, and it is difficult to obtain consent from the user.
  • When using data jointly with a group of companies is necessary to respond to customer requests.

1.6 Internal System Maintenance

The company is committed to protecting customers’ personal data by establishing internal regulations related to personal data protection based on privacy policies. This is done through issuing continuous directives for managing personal data to employees.

1.7 Cookie Usage

Cookies will be used on some pages of this website. Cookies are a technology for communication between the website server and the browser. Through cookies, the customer’s browser can be identified, but personal information of the customer will not be identified with cookies. The website visit history of users will be recorded, making internet usage more convenient. Cookies are widely used as a standard internet technology and are used on many websites to improve customer convenience, display advertisements to customers, and collect statistics when services are used from the company’s business partners. Data obtained from cookie usage will be reported in aggregate to the company and business partners. The report includes customer viewing data, and based on this data, the company may send advertisements to other websites that customers visit. By changing cookie settings manually, customers can block cookies. However, if cookies are blocked, users may not be able to use some services on the website. Additionally, depending on the user’s operating environment (browser settings, internet connection), it may not be possible to block cookies in some cases. 

1.8 Monitoring

The company will monitor guidelines for personal data protection and will take appropriate measures for improvement. Please note that the company may change the privacy policy without prior notice. The updated policy will be displayed on this page

1.9 Questions

Please contact the company’s customer service center at 02-231-2813 ext. 5, Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 17:00