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bangkok food system
bangkok food system

Bangkok Food System Co., Ltd.’s online business started in May 2017. We created a Facebook page named Japan Food & Travel ambassador in Asia to offer quality products as well as various interesting stories from Japan to Thai consumers. Currently, the Facebook page has more than 160,000 followers. In July of the same year, the company also launched its branded website “Japanoishitanoshinet” to support the growth of the online channel and has since acquired more than 10,000 orders.

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Product story

The journey of products from Japan to Thailand.

Japan story

Travel, food, lifestyle, culture and etc.

Freight transport partner

We use two types delivery are cold and normal temperature deliveries to suit each type of product.

• Fruits will be delivered using temperature-controlled refrigeration. Refrigerated delivery ensures that the freshness of the fruits is maintained at an appropriate temperature throughout the entire transportation process until it reaches the customers’ hands.

• For some products, such as Japanese sweet potato and fruit juice, normal temperature delivery is used, which is considered appropriate for such products.

Product quality is always checked before delivering to customers.
Delivered at a temperature appropriate to each type of product.
Deliver products to your doorsteps.

Distribution channel

The popularity of online shopping in Thailand is growing every year to meet consumer demand and provide them with more options. Therefore, we sell our products through various online channels.

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