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Message from president

Bangkok Food System was established in 2004 and is a subsidiary of Allied Corporation Co.,Ltd. Our main business is exporting Thai food products, mostly to Japan, that are suited to the country that they’re exported to. Thai food has been increasing in popularity with every year and is now famous as a gourmet food throughout the world. However, at the time when we were established, Thai food wasn’t quite so popular, including in Japan. Gradually, with the increase in tourists from around the world visiting Thailand, the popularity of Thai food has become well-established worldwide. Now, by working with over 100 food processors and packaging plants, we are meeting our customers’ needs.

Since 2015, we have been exporting Japanese produce. Japan now is visited by many tourists from around the world, including Thailand, and the popularity of Japanese food and produce is increasing with every year. We currently import around 50 kinds of produce by air and sea and are even involved in logistics promotion.

In future, we would like to strive toward creating access to products that suit each country in order to provide as many people as possible the opportunity to enjoy wonderful foods.

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