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About our import business
Bangkok Food System
About our import business
Bangkok Food System

About our import business

To expand exports and promote Japan’s Agriculture, we have started a new business of importing and distributing fresh fruits and vegetables from Japan in 2015. Since then, we have built up extensive experience and expertise in import customs clearance for more than 1,000 containers via sea freight and 1,500 shipments via air freight. We are proud to offer quality service that meets the needs of our customers and partners. Our team of experts is experienced in every step of the import process and can provide assistance to any concerns that you may have. Customers have entrusted us with their confidence and assured that the import process will proceed smoothly.

Tokyo, Japan - 24 February 2019 - Passenger airplane parks at the Tokyo International Airport waiting for passengers to board while loading its cargo in Tokyo, Japan on February 24, 2019

What is a CA container?

We are the first importer to implement the CA container technology to transport fruits and vegetables from Japan. We have received good support from the Ministry of Agriculture of Japan. Although in the beginning we faced challenges and had quite a lot of damaged goods, but we have been constantly improving and conducting tests to find appropriate solutions to each problem. As a result, today there has been a significant decrease in the amount of damaged goods or no damaged goods at all. We mainly use CA containers to transport fruits and vegetables to keep the products fresh for a longer period and this can reduce transportation costs by approximately 1/10 when compared to airfreight costs. Consequently, the CA container transportation method has made the price of fresh fruits and vegetables from Japan more affordable to customers.

We can import peaches, which are considered one of Japan’s most delicate fruits in CA containers. Even though it takes up to two weeks to transport by vessel, the peaches can still be available in stores for over a week. Importation of Fruits and vegetables utilizing CA containers are one of our successes.

We are experts in preparing shipping documents

Although the documents for exporting fruits and vegetables from Japan to Thailand are very stringent, we have been committed to studying and gathering expertise to the point that we are now an advisory center for the preparation of documents for exporting almost all types of fruits and vegetables from Japan to Thailand. Examples include apples, pears, oranges, grapes, strawberries, persimmons, cabbage, broccoli, carrots, radishes, etc. Our head office in Japan, ALLIED CORPORATION can provide a one-stop service in document preparation for exports to Thailand.

If you are interested in exporting products to Thailand, our head office in Japan, ALLIED CORPORATION will be more than pleased to assist you in any way we can.


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